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Aug. 04, 2021 Report: NIC-Japan seminars on "Foreign Education Systems and Higher Education Qualifications"


The National Information Center for Academic Recognition Japan (NIC-Japan) held a series of NIC-Japan seminars entitled "Foreign Education Systems and Higher Education Qualifications" (Korean and Mongolian) in July 2021.
As part of its activities to provide information that contributes to the smooth recognition of higher education qualifications for the purpose of improving the international mobility of students and academics, NIC-Japan is planning to hold "NIC-Japan Seminar Series" from this fiscal year onwards, in which experts from Japan and overseas will talk about various topics related to foreign qualification recognition, such as education systems in other countries and examples of credential evaluation.

The first of these seminars were held online on July 21 (Wednesday) and July 28 (Wednesday) regarding Korea and Mongolia, respectively. The lecture on Korea was given by Ms. Minah Park, Director of the Korea Academic Recognition Information Center (KARIC), the national information center of Korea, whereas the lecture on Mongolia was given by Dr. Ariuntuya Myagmar, visiting research scholar on Mongolia’s higher education policies and international exchange at the Organization for Regional and Inter-regional Studies of Waseda University. The seminar series was attended by more than 200 participants (including both sessions), mainly faculty and staff members involved in international affairs at universities and other institutions, who enthusiastically engaged in Q&A session following the lectures.

The aim of each seminar was to deepen participants’ understanding of the education system in the subject country. Each lecturer gave an outline of each country’s education system, education qualification, higher education entrance requirements, and their peculiar education systems, as well as trends in higher education from the viewpoint of the lecturers. Ms. Park spoke about recent policy trends in higher education and the government's response to the novel coronavirus from the standpoint of communicating higher education information in Korea. Also, based on her own research activities, Dr. Myagmar talked about the history and current state of mobility affairs between Japan and Mongolia, including trends in the destinations (universities, Japanese language schools, etc.) and fields of study of Mongolian students studying abroad.

Both seminars were held successfully, concluding with a thanks to the lecturers for their thought-provoking lecture and the Q&A session from Dr.Taiji Hotta, Executive Director of NIC-Japan, who served as the moderator.

Furthermore, the materials used in this seminar series (in Japanese) can be downloaded from the following link.
"The Korean Education System and Higher Education Qualifications (July 21, 2021)"
"Mongolia's Education System, Higher Education Quality Assurance, and the Mobility of Mongolian Foreign Students (July 28, 2021)"
In addition, the announcement page during registration period for the seminars can be viewed here.



Lecturers (Left: Ms. Minah Park, Right: Dr. Ariuntuya Myagmar)