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Assessment of Admission Qualifications (in general)

Q: Can an applicant be admitted to an International Cooperative Department or Major for a joint degree program when s/he is eligible for admission to the overseas partner university but not to the Japanese university?

A: No. The admission requirements must be fulfilled to be admitted to Japanese universities, and these are equally applied to applicants to an International Cooperative Department or Major.

As stated in Guidelines for Building International Joint Diploma Programs Including Double and Joint Degree Programs, those who are not eligible to be admitted to a Japanese university are not allowed to enter such programs even if they are eligible to an overseas partner university.

The Guidelines on page 15 states;

Students in JD (joint degree) programs register at both Japanese and foreign universities, and thus must satisfy both the requirements for admission to Japanese universities prescribed in the School Education Law and other relevant laws and regulations, and the requirements for admission to partner universities in foreign countries.

(The content of this Q & A is quoted from the University Admission Qualifications Guide written by University Promotion Division, Higher Education Bureau of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. NIAD-QE produced this English translation.)