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About The Center and This Website

Q: If I can’t find the institution I’m looking for on the higher education institution list, does it mean that it is not a recognized/accredited higher education institution in Japan?

A: The following may possibly explain why the institution you are looking for is not listed:

  1. it has already been abolished, merged with another institution, or changed its name,
  2. it has been established after the last update of the list, or
  3. it is a prefectural college of agriculture (農業大学校). Some prefectural colleges of agriculture have become Professional Training Colleges and, although Professional Training Colleges are considered as higher education institutions under the Tokyo Convention, all prefectural colleges of agriculture – including those that have become Professional Training Colleges - are excluded from the scope of “higher education institutions” under the Tokyo Convention, in accordance with its aim.

Institution List Policy:

If you have any inquiry regarding an approval status of an institution in Japan, please send us your inquiry via the contact form.