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Japanese Education System

Q:What kind of documents are issued when one graduates from an education institution in Japan?

A:Generally speaking, a graduate receives a certificate called sotsugyo-shosho (卒業証書) or shuryo-shosho (修了証書) which certifies the person’s completion of a program. Universities, instead, may issue gakuiki (学位記). These certificates are issued only once and usually unable to be re-issued.

Meanwhile, graduates use sotsugyo-shomeisho (卒業証明書) or shuryo-shomeisho (修了証明書) along with a transcript (成績証明書) when applying for further study or employment. These certificates are typically issued on paper for in-person pickup at the institution and many copies as needed are generally issued.

Some universities make it available to obtain them at convenience stores across Japan.