Colleges of Technology in Overseas Countries

Foreign Credential Evaluations (in general)

Q: Can a graduate from an overseas college of technology be admitted to a university in Japan?

A: The article 108, item (ix) of the School Education Act states that graduates from junior colleges are eligible to be transferred to universities. Junior colleges in the article have been thought to include foreign junior colleges, and article 161, item (ii) of the Enforcement Regulation of the Act states that such institutions located in overseas countries are deemed to satisfy these conditions.

Similarly, Colleges of Technology (KOSEN) referred to in article 122 of the Act are understood to include those located in overseas countries and thus graduates from foreign colleges of technology can transfer to universities in Japan.

(The content of this Q & A is quoted from the University Admission Qualifications Guide written by University Promotion Division, Higher Education Bureau of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. NIAD-QE produced this English translation.)