New portal launched by the APNNIC


On November 17, 2020, a new portal on the recognition of higher education was launched by the Asia-Pacific Network of National Information Centres (APNNIC), and a virtual launch meeting was held online.

Representatives from the nine State Parties to the Tokyo Convention, UNESCO, States of the Asia-Pacific region, and ENIC-NARIC participated in the virtual launch. In the event, UNESCO Bangkok, the secretariat of the Tokyo Convention Committee, introduced the new portal and reported Fiji's ratification of the Tokyo Convention. The APNNIC members emphasized the significance of the portal as a network hub and source of reliable information, not only for the competent recognition authorities but also for a wide range of end users, including credential evaluators, students, learners, and employers. They also expressed the importance of cooperation amongst State Parties and encouraged more Member States to ratify the Convention and join the network. From NIC-Japan, Associate Prof. Noda shared updates from Japan and the usefulness of the portal; and Prof. Hotta, the Executive Director, gave a presentation titled "Towards new futures for qualifications recognition," representing the current President State of the Tokyo Convention Committee.

What is the APNNIC Portal?

・ The APNNIC portal provides free and authoritative information on the recognition of qualifications to help facilitate physical or virtual mobility of students and academics.

・ The main menu includes the outline of the Tokyo Convention and APNNIC, education systems of the State Parties, news and events, and resources related to the Global Convention and other regional conventions.

・ "Country profiles" pages include the following information for each Party (currently information on Australia, China, Holy See, Japan, Mongolia, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, and Turkey is available):

 - Education system (school system, basic education system, higher education, etc.)
 - Qualifications of higher education
 - Statistics (number of institutions, number of students, etc.)
 - National Information Centers (NIC)
 - Quality assurance of higher education
 - Links to lists of higher education institutions
 - Student mobility trends and policies

Please visit the website at https://apnnic.net/

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