MEXT Releases National Directories of Universities Data


The AY2020 National Directory of Universities, Junior Colleges, Colleges of Technology, and Educational Corporations compiled by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) data (PDF) is now available on the MEXT website. These directories, which were previously available only in printed form, are published online for the first time.

- MEXT website
Directories of Universities, Junior Colleges, Colleges of Technology, and Educational Corporations
*All directories are available in Japanese only.
*The AY2020 edition is no longer available due to the publication of the AY2021 edition. Please see the news on the AY2021 edition here. (Added on May 2, 2022)

Of the institutions listed on NIC-Japan's website, the information on existing educational institutions other than Professional Training Colleges has been compiled and updated based mainly on the information in these directories. The recently-released directories include the following information that is not included in NIC-Japan's list. The published materials are in PDF format, but statistical data are also available in Excel format.

National Directory of Universities
Type of establishment (national/public/private)
Faculties, departments, graduate schools, majors, admission capacity
Remarks (history)
Private university correspondence education departments
University advanced courses
University short-term courses
University statistics, etc.

National Directory of Junior Colleges
Type of establishment (public/private)
Departments, majors, admission capacity
Founder and
Schools established by the same educational corporation as the junior colleges
Junior college correspondence education
Junior college advanced courses
Junior college short-term courses
Junior college statistics, etc.

National Directory of Colleges of Technology
Type of establishment (national/public/private)
Name of department and admission capacity (number of classes)
Founder and executive chair
College of Technology advanced courses
Statistics on the College of Technology

Directory of Educational Corporations under the Jurisdiction of the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
Outline of Educational Corporations
Outline of schools established by each corporation
Research institutes, affiliated hospitals, profit-making businesses, etc. of each corporation

Please note that, as of April 22 2021, information on NIC-Japan's list of higher education institutions is based on the directory of FY2019, and therefore, some of the newly established institutions listed in the AY2020 National Directories are not included.