Webinar "International Seminar on Foreign Credential and Digital Student Portability" to be held on March 12, 2020


Webinar on "International Seminar on Foreign Credential and Digital Student Portability" will be held as below.
This seminar was originally scheduled to be held at Toyo University, but will be held as an online course (Webinar) in consideration of the situation of a novel coronavirus disease infection.

<Webinar Details>

14: 00-16: 30 (JST/UTC +9) Thursday, March 12, 2020
Webinar access information will be e-mailed to registered participants by 16:00 March 11 (JST/UTC +9).
Presentations by international guest speakers will be in English. However, questions and comments will be accepted both in English and Japanese.

<Purpose of the Seminar>
The theme of this seminar is digitalization of learning record, foreign credential evaluation, and certificates. In Europe, the United States and Oceania, digitization of certificates has been advancing greatly, and the "Groningen Declaration" has been adopted to standardize the handling of electronic certificates. For example, in Australia, a system called My eQuals is operating to digitize certificates and send and receive them between students and universities. In Europe and Canada, more certificates are being digitized, and institutions and organizations from multiple countries are jointly developing systems.
Based on the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Regional Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications in Higher Education (known as the Tokyo Convention), which became effective in February 2018, National Information Center for Academic Recognition Japan was established on September 1, 2019 as the official national information center (NIC) in Japan. The Center provides information to facilitate recognition of qualifications in higher education. As Japan accepts international students and advanced human resources from a variety of countries, establishing systems of internationally standardized learning record and qualification recognition is an urgent issue.
Experts from Canada, Australia, and Sweden have been invited to discuss the latest trends in digitalization of learning record and certificates as well as how those documents are recognized internationally. Please join us.

<Guest Speakers>
- Canada: Romesh Vadivel, Assistant Registrar and Director, Enrolment Services, McGill University
- Australia: Andrew Trnacek, Chief Executive Officer, Higher Ed Services (My eQuals)
- Sweden: Erik Johansson, Senior Credential Evaluator, Department of Qualifications Recognition, Swedish Council for Higher Education, ENIC-NARIC Sweden

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  1. Introduction (Shingo Ashizawa, Toyo University)
  2. "Tokyo Convention and APNNIC" (Ayaka Noda, NIAD-QE)
  3. "Laying Gutenberg to Rest - A European Perspective on Digitalization and Its Impact on the Recognition of Foreign Credentials." (Erik Johansson)
  4. "Digital Credentialization in Australia and the Continued Development of MyeQuals" (Andrew Trnacek)
  5. "ARUCC National Network project in Canada" (Romesh Vadivel)
  6. Discussion and Wrap up

Organizer: Toyo University FCE-GD KAKEN team (Representative: Shingo Ashizawa)
Co-organized by: Research Consortium for the Sustainable Promotion of International Education (RECSIE)
Supported by: National Institution for Academic Degrees and Quality Enhancement of Higher Education (NIAD-QE)