Event report on NIAD-QE University Quality Assurance Forum 2020

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On September 23, 2020, NIAD-QE held University Quality Assurance Forum 2020 online. Keynote speeches and discussion were made on the topic "The Tokyo Convention and Diversified Learning - Transition Phase in Recognition of Qualifications".

While global trends in education have taken a turn to become multifaceted, the Tokyo Convention states that foreign qualifications should be assessed "with the main focus on knowledge and skills achieved." It requires the State Parties to recognize prior learning and qualifications based on not only inputs, such as program length and hours of study, as has been in the past, but also on outcomes that provide insight into "experience, knowledge, skills, attitudes and competencies" that a qualification holder has acquired as a result of education.

Please visit the following webpages to view a brief event report, presentation materials, and video clips from the event.

For event report:

 ▶ https://www.niad.ac.jp/english/news/en2020/entry-4208.html

For the presentation materials and video clips:

 ▶ https://www.niad.ac.jp/english/news/en2020/uqaf2020.html

*These video clips are available until late March 2021.