Graduation and Degree Award

Japanese Education System

Q: Our institution received a graduation certificate from an applicant issued by a university (undergraduate program) in Japan that had no indication whether a Bachelor’s degree had been awarded upon graduation. How do we confirm whether the person has obtained a Bachelor’s degree?

A: According to the School Education Act, universities award Bachelor’s degrees to graduates of (undergraduate) programs (Article 104, paragraph (1) of the School Education Act). Thus, by confirming their graduation, it is evident that the individual has obtained the degree.

Documents such as sotsugyo-shosho (卒業証書) and sotsugyo-shomeisho (卒業証明書) certify students’ graduation. In the meantime, these documents may not mention an awarded degree since each university is responsible for their contents.

Similarly, graduates from Professional and Vocational University, junior college, Professional and Vocational Junior College, graduate school and Professional Graduate School are awarded degrees upon completion of programs in accordance with relevant legislation.

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