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Japanese Education System

Q: What kind of documents are issued when one graduates from an education institution in Japan?

Q: I have a question about verifying the authenticity of a certificate of graduation issued by a Japanese higher education institution. Who should I ask?

Q: Our institution received a graduation certificate from an applicant issued by a university (undergraduate program) in Japan that had no indication whether a Bachelor’s degree had been awarded upon graduation. How do we confirm whether the person has obtained a Bachelor’s degree?

Q: What is the difference between Associate degree (tankidaigakushi, 短期大学士) and Associate (jungakushi, 準学士) both of which are issued by junior colleges?

Q: What is the difference between Advanced Diploma and Bachelor’s degree? Is a holder of an Advanced Diploma eligible to apply for admission to postgraduate education in Japan?

Q: Having completed study at Educational Institutions Operated by Government Ministries and Agencies, is a person with a Bachelor’s degree awarded by National Institution for Academic Degrees and Quality Enhancement of Higher Education (NIAD-QE) based on its own examination deemed to have admission qualification to graduate schools, with a caveat that the educational institution is not one of the higher education institutions under the Tokyo Convention?

Q: Can a person in Japan obtain an educational qualification by self-study and without attending a school?

Q: I would like to know whether a particular higher education institution is a recognized Japanese higher education institution and, if so, when it was recognized.

Q: I would like to know whether a university/College of Technology in Japan has accreditation. How can I obtain this information?

Q: Do Japanese language schools provide formal education?

Q: Is the United Nations University a Japanese university?