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Assessment of Admission Qualifications (in general)

Q: By when does an applicant need to satisfy the qualifications for admission to a higher education institution?

Q: Can a 17-year-old who has passed the Upper Secondary School Equivalency Examination be admitted to a university?

Q: Can a university add their own conditions for admission besides the national requirements?

Q: Is each university responsible for the method of assessment for the individual admission qualification assessment?

Q: Why has the age restriction for the individual admission qualification assessment remained while it was lifted for most of the other conditions on January 31, 2019?

Q: How can an institution assess an applicant if it is not possible for him/her to submit a graduation certificate?

Q: Can an applicant be admitted to an International Cooperative Department or Major for a joint degree program when s/he is eligible for admission to the overseas partner university but not to the Japanese university?

Q: I have heard that a fake certificate can be purchased online. How can I ensure that a certificate we receive from an applicant is trustable?

Q: How can I confirm that a foreign institution from which an applicant has graduated is legitimate?

Q: An institution from which an applicant has applied to our university in Japan was not on the list of universities on the website of the Ministry of Education in the located country. Is the institution a diploma (degree) mill?

Q: The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to delay graduation from educational institutions in certain countries. Consequently, it may be impossible to complete courses in a specified number of years to enter a Japanese university or Professional Training College, that is, by the time of enrollment in the university that was originally planned. In such cases, is it still possible to have a student admitted to a university or vocational school?